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Stephen Petronio Company announces BLOODLINES

By August 20, 2014November 30th, 2015News

Stephen Petronio Company is excited to announce BLOODLINES, an initiative to honor an incomparable lineage of American postmodern dance masters. Over the next five years, Stephen Petronio Company will perform iconic choreography from a family tree that straddles the 20th and 21st centuries alongside new creations by Petronio. The Company performed Merce Cunningham’s iconic RainForest, with a live score by David Tudor and visual design by Andy Warhol, as the inaugural work of Bloodlines at The Joyce Theater in April 2015. The second dance will be Trisha Brown’s Glacial Decoy, with visual design by Robert Rauschenberg, which was performed in October 2015 at The Dance Center at Columbia College Chicago. Stephen Petronio Company is the first contemporary American company to perform these works outside of the original choreographers’ companies.

In March 2016, the Company will perform a full Bloodlines program at The Joyce Theater in NYC including Trisha Brown’s Glacial Decoy, Stephen Petronio’s MiddleSexGorge, and Petronio’s world premiere Big Daddy (Deluxe).

The New York Times

New Members for a Dance ‘Family’

Petronio Company to Perform Other Choreographers’ Works

There are people in the dance world who believe that single-choreographer companies are on their way out. The choreographer Stephen Petronio has not been one of those people. His troupe recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and in an interview this year in The New York Times, he adamantly defended the idea of a dance company as an instrument of unparalleled value for a choreographer, speaking of “the depth of research possible with a family of dancers”… Read more

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