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The Petronio Residency Center is rooted in the creative strength, possibilities, and imagination of dance artists and a network of support.

“As diminishing delivery systems and other economic constraints affect the research, development, and performance of this singularly fragile form, I feel called upon as a mature artist to respond. The need for precious research and development opportunities centered upon the field of the moving arts in America is urgently needed as the financial structures that support this activity disappear before our very eyes.”

— Stephen Petronio

The Petronio Residency Center (PRC) addresses the shifting field of American dance by offering multi-week, on-site creative residencies at a 177-acre haven just outside Cairo, perched in Greene County’s Catskill Mountains. Residencies will allow artists time for creation, discussion, and critical thinking, free from the mandates and responsibilities of daily life and any specific deliverables. This period of research outside of the traditional structure and timeline of art-making is crucial to developing work of surprise and depth, making PRC an important leader in a national residency network of like-minded partner programs. PRC will also serve as a gathering place for the local community, affording opportunities for artists to interact with the specific place, and for the local residents to be invited in. The site of the Petronio Residency Center will serve as a nurturing retreat for many–a place that provokes the creative process.

PRC is led by Director, David Szlasa, a resident of the Hudson Valley with over 20 years of production and project development experience.

The uniqueness of a residency experience takes a working process to a whole other level. The blending of people, within a space, experiencing a single environment together for a time, with only the simple desire to create something together, puts a spirit and a life force into art like nothing else will.

Wendy Whelan

This residency has been way beyond my expectations. It’s remarkably quiet here. It’s amazing.

Ralph Lemon

I perceive myself in this space as more human… non-utilitarian spaces are conducive to creative thinking.

Jimena Paz

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