The Petronio Residency Center is rooted in the creative strength, possibilities, and imagination of dance artists in a network of support.

The Petronio Residency Center (PRC) addresses the shifting field of American dance by offering on-site creative residencies nestled within a 175-acre haven perched in Greene County’s Catskill Mountains. Residencies allow artists time for creation, discussion, and critical thinking, free from the mandates and responsibilities of daily life and any specific deliverables. This period of research outside of the traditional structure and timeline of art-making is crucial to developing work of surprise and depth, making PRC an important leader in a national residency network of like-minded partner programs. PRC also serves as a gathering place for the local community, affording opportunities for artists to interact with the specific place, and for the local residents to be invited in. The site of the Petronio Residency Center can provide a nurturing retreat for many–a place that provokes the creative process.

Director of the Petronio Residency Center is Marya Warshaw.

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“As diminishing delivery systems and other economic constraints affect the research, development, and performance of this singularly fragile form, I feel called upon as a mature artist to respond. The need for precious research and development opportunities centered upon the field of the moving arts in America is urgently needed as the financial structures that support this activity disappear before our very eyes.”
— Stephen Petronio

It is with gratitude and humility that Stephen Petronio Company acknowledges that SPC and its associated artists work, perform and gather on the ancestral homelands of the Lenape people, on the Lenape island of Mannahatta (Manhattan) in Lenapehoking, the Lenape homeland. We pay respect to Lenape peoples, past, present, and future and their continuing presence in the homeland and throughout the Lenape diaspora. We pay respect to the Lenape peoples, past, present and future and their continuing presence in the homeland. Today the Lenape are located throughout the United States and recognized as the Delaware Nation of Anadarko, Oklahoma, Delaware Tribe of Indians in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and the Stockbridge-Munsee Community in Bowler, Wisconsin.

It is also with gratitude and humility that SPC acknowledges that the Petronio Residency Center and its associated artists work, perform and gather on the ancestral homelands of the Muh he con ne ok people, who are the Indigenous peoples of the land where PRC is located. SPC honors and respects their ancestors past and present as the organization commits to building a more inclusive and equitable space for all. Despite tremendous hardship in being forced from here, today their community resides in Wisconsin, and is known as the Stockbridge-Munsee Community. We pay honor and respect to their ancestors past and present as we commit to building a more inclusive and equitable space for all.

The violence directed towards Indigenous, Native, Aboriginal, First Nation, and First Peoples is ongoing and exemplified when Indigenous people’s histories are erased, their cultures are trivialized, their resources are seized, their labor is exploited, their children are stolen, and their lives are taken. In order to fight against this violence, occupiers of this land must listen to and amplify Indigenous people’s voices, while fighting against their complicity.

We recognize that land acknowledgements are a small step towards ensuring a culture of respect, truth, and accountability in our community: we acknowledge the truth of violence perpetrated in the name of this country and we make a commitment to uncovering that truth.


This residency has been way beyond my expectations. It’s remarkably quiet here. It’s amazing.

The uniqueness of a residency experience takes a working process to a whole other level.

I perceive myself in this space as more human… non-utilitarian spaces are conducive to creative thinking.


In June 2020 SPC/PRC began to welcome dancers and choreographers back to the residency center under strict guidelines that considers the health and well-being of the residents, staff and our community. Currently we are hosting limited retreats/residencies that require quarantining and testing prior to arrival, temperatures and a symptom check in daily and limitations on residents leaving the center and anyone else entering. Meals are provided by PRC and prepared and eaten on site, cleaning of the studio and house is daily and extensive. All residents have their own bedrooms and bathrooms, except for couples who have been sheltering together. We are grateful to be open, to be welcoming, even on a limited basis, members of our performance community and look forward to a time we can do this more extensively.

For more information please contact PRC Director, Marya Warshaw.

RETREAT & RESTORE: Application now open!

Residency opportunities for NYC Dance Artists

PRC is thrilled to announce the expansion of its acclaimed RETREAT & RESTORE residency program. Created in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are now announcing two additional residency weeks in March 2022. Awarded artists and up to five other collaborators will receive a one week long residency at Petronio Residency Center in Round Top, N.Y.

PRC provides full room and board, with a chef prepared lunch and dinner, $1,000 stipend to lead artist, $500 travel stipend, and unlimited use of house and studio for a one week period. Weeks begin with Monday dinner and end after breakfast the following Sunday.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: January 15, 2022 at 5pm
NOTIFICATION: February 1, 2022




In Summer and Fall 2020, PRC hosted three Subsidized Community Partnership Residencies at PRC, under strict COVID-19 safety guidelines in ‘bubble’ residencies, with Danspace Project and Guggenheim’s Works and Process. Subsidized Community Partnership Residencies are for artists and presenters in need of development and rehearsal space for projects with resources and production dates committed but who lack needed physical space and time to create the work. The aim is to bolster support for dance artists and work together to create fluid, well-resourced pathways toward production and presentation. This is a vital component of the vision for PRC, and the success of the third year of the Subsidized Residencies is evidence of the impact and demand for this resource in the dance field.

Tendayi Kuumba & Greg Purnell Artist Residency

June 2020

Kuumba and Purnell are a choreographer/composer team, and were provided with a week-long residency (the first of our COVID-19 “bubble” residencies) in partnership with the NYS Danceforce and Danspace Project, NYC. This acclaimed duo was provided with the support to complete research for their newest project.


Jamar Roberts Artist Residency

August 2020

PRC partnered with the Guggenheim’s Works & Process program to bring Jamar Roberts, Alvin Ailey Dance Company’s first resident choreographer, and an independent choreographer for a week-long developmental residency. Along with his five dancers, they were provided 24/7 exclusive access to both the residency house and studio. Roberts who accomplished “more than I could ever imagine” during the time period, fed off of the openness and of being in conversation with nature.

Photo courtesy of Works & Process at the Guggenheim, captured by Dancing Camera.


7 Deadly Sins

Joshua Bergasse, Justin Vivian Bond, Jeffrey Guimond, Marc Happel and Sara Mearns
October 2020

PRC partnered with Guggenheim’s Works & Process to provide a week long developmental residency for The Seven Deadly Sins, a production of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s classic 1933 ballet chanté (sung ballet) conceived by Marc Happel and under development by Happel and Jeffrey Guimond. The work shifted and changed profoundly during this time period, revealing new possibilities. Post COVID, the performance will pair cabaret icon and artist Justin Vivian Bond with New York City Ballet principal dancer Sara Mearns, who will perform the duo roles of Anna 1 and Anna 11, the ballet’s split-personality guides who lead the audience through the depredations of modern society. Emmy Award–winning choreographer Joshua Bergasse will set the piece. Partnering with Alex Jenkins and Audrey Rachelle of AnA Collaborations, Happel and Guimond will create an immersive environment for the ballet.







Mr. Frieda’s organic garden, a gift of renowned artist Cindy Sherman in honor of her macaw Mr. Frieda, is now ready for its first season of growing. Designed by Jean-Marc Flack/Hortulus Animae, the garden consists of 24 raised bed industrial boxes in a maze formation. Planted with an array of heirloom vegetables, edible flowers and ornamentals, each box will be finished with sitting benches, inviting residents and guests to interact with the garden: wander, rest, or sit and weed!

Help us with the ongoing maintenance of this pivotal gift by underwriting the cultivation of these beds.