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Confessions for the Holidays

By December 1, 2015December 3rd, 2015News

Pour les fêtes de fin d’année, plongez au coeur des émouvantes mémoires et des profondes confessions tirées de la vie riche en mouvements de Stephen.
Mettez Confessions of a Motion Addict aujourd’hui dans votre panier!

Donnez à quelqu’un que vous aimez ou a vous-même un exemplaire dedicassé de Confessions of a Motion Addict by Stephen Petronio.

Tous les fonds amassés seront remis à Stephen Petronio Company

Autographed copy of Confessions of a Motion Addict by Stephen Petronio
$25 | Free Shipping

“…iconoclastic and iconic, subversive, game changing, elegant, with just a
gleam of something slightly depraved…” – The Brooklyn Rail

“I strongly suggest you get it, dancer or not…  I don’t want to spoil your experience but will say that it is not a “kiss and tell” confession,
it is a kiss from Stephen. And who can refuse a kiss?” – Ned Takahashi, reader review from

A stunning portrait of a life lived on the edge, Confessions of a Motion Addict explores author Stephen J. Petronio’s tumultuous upbringing and subsequent awakening to the worlds of art, sex, and the dangerous compulsions that often haunt artists of every genre.

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