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Bette Davis says…

By April 23, 2014June 3rd, 2014EDA, Writing

“I’m not entirely negative when I say that people should be warned before they set out to be artists: There is some glory in what I’m saying, which is that the process never ends. Neither does the fear and the insecurity and the fighting to be seen and to be as good as only you know you can be. It never becomes easy; it might at times be easier, but that passes. All artists are up against the people–the money people–who just want a product at the end of the day, something to sell. And the artist is trying to really make something of value, trying to be something of value. This is a fight I still have every time I work. And I think it is asinine that this is not stressed more to young people, but I think the schools are afraid that the truth would send all those young dreamers out the door with their tuition money. If I were teaching–God help us all–I would tell the truth: It’s going to be brutal, but you can make it glorious. And you’re going to have to fight.”
–Bette Davis/Interview with James Grissom/1984

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