Born in West London, Tanya Sarne founded fashion label GHOST which defined the 90’s effortless, unstructured chic. It was the pre-cursor to what became the modern boho look that defined the early 2000’s. Ever evolving, after GHOST Tanya was keen to sink her teeth into something new, to create something that retained all the design values that she is famous for: feminine, chic, modern British luxury and of course, with her very own specially developed fabrics.

Tanya developed machine washable viscose that has a coarse, unpolished look when woven, but when shrunk and dyed in beautiful colours takes on the appearance of vintage crepe. These remarkably practical yet delicious fabrics lend themselves well to the flattering bias cut, great day dresses, chic layering and ever practical machine washable clothes – the ultimate fabric for the modern woman, who wants to feel beautiful luxury fabric on her skin.

She just makes clothes that people want to wear

Grace CoddingtonFashion Director, American Vogue