Director/Choreography: Stephen Petronio
Editor: Blake Martin
Costume Inspiration: H. Petal in collaboration with the dancers
Performed by: Larissa Asebedo, Ernesto Breton, Jaqlin Medlock, Tess Montoya, Tiffany Ogburn, Ryan Pliss, Nicholas Sciscione, Mac Twining

On May 29, Stephen Petronio Company presented #LoveSpreadsFaster, a virtual event featuring the premiere of #gimmeshelter, a new full-company video work by Petronio created via Zoom in collaboration with and dedicated to his sheltering-in-place dancers. Edited by Blake Martin, #gimmeshelter embraces the limitations of physical space along with the fear and anxiety of the present moment. Petronio draws on his DIY aesthetic from the early 1980s to create a new work that yearns for human connection at a time when the world insists we remain apart.

#LoveSpreadsFaster also featured the Danse Sacrale solo excerpt from Full Half Wrong, Petronio’s 1993 take on Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring performed by Jaqlin Medlock.