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Stephen Petronio Company is proud to announce the Virtual Bloodlines Festival, a three week long, donation based, digital happening showcasing the work of postmodern dance masters Trisha Brown, Merce Cunningham, Anna Halprin, Steve Paxton, Rudy Perez, and Yvonne Rainer. Running October 23 –November 14, 2020, the online festival will feature screenings of work from Stephen Petronio Company’s Bloodlines, which began in 2015 and has since restaged 11 iconic dances. These masterpieces have irrevocably marked the American postmodern dance landscape and have had a particular impact on Petronio’s own thinking. The screenings will be coupled with interviews and insightful dialogues with guest hosts Deborah Jowitt, Wendy Perron, Yvonne Rainer, former Petronio dancer, Davalois Fearon, and other dancers that have embodied these restagings. Following each premiere, the video will remain online for one week only.


Archives related to the original works and Petronio performances are available in the Bloodlines Room. Explore the Bloodlines Room.


Stephen Petronio Company Education Director, Tess Montoya, will also lead a session of master classes, one each week of the festival, focusing on Steve Paxton’s Jag Vill Gärna Telefonera involving improvisational techniques that culminate in a solo creation. Register here for the classes.


Though the festival is donation based and open to all, sponsorship levels are available to gain access to additional perks. Become a festival sponsor.


Kristen Borg
Eileen & Michael Cohen
David Colburn
Daniele & Ron Flack
Stephen Hannock
Gary Holder
Todd Whitley

event schedule
The events are free, but donations are encouraged. Registration is required.
Register here.

OCTOBER 23 | 7pm 

DIAGONAL (1963), TRIO A WITH FLAGS (1966/1970), and CHAIR PILLOW (1969)
Choreography by Yvonne Rainer

Score: Steve Paxton
Created and performed in 1982 by Stephen Petronio and Randy Warshaw

Conversation between Deborah Jowitt, Yvonne Rainer, and Stephen Petronio.

OCTOBER 30 | 7pm 

Choreography by Merce Cunningham

Choreography by Trisha Brown

Conversation between Wendy Perron, Davalois Fearon, and Stephen Petronio.

November 6 | 7pm

Choreography by Rudy Perez

Choreography by Anna Halprin

Conversation between Wendy Perron and Stephen Petronio.

NOVEMBER 14 | 12pm

Bloodlines Master Class with Tess Montoya & Stephen Petronio via Zoom

November 21 | 12pm

Bloodlines Master Class with Tess Montoya & Stephen Petronio via Zoom