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Inaugural Retreat & Restore Residency Awardee | April 2021

I am a dancer, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural organizer. My aesthetic is quirky, queer, “spanglish,” Boricua, urban, nerdy and working class.

I grew up building altars, listening to and making up stories that straddle “real” and unseen worlds, and watching formal and informal ritual work. I am a child of street dance. These practices shape my world view and style. In pandemic times, I have brought my dance practice back outdoors.

I am a former Dancing Futures and Skylab Artist in Residence, and a Brooklyn Arts Fund and NYFA Bridge Fund Recipient. I have danced with Arthur Aviles Typical Theater, MBDance, Renegade Performance Group, K. Hamilton Productions, and the NWA Project. My current work is a constellation of interactive pieces within the crowning world, the latest of which is crowning in October (or how to change shape while remembering your name).