Stephen Petronio Company will be performing Stephen’s world premiere BIG DADDY (DELUXE), MIDDLESEXGORGE (1990) and Trisha Brown’s GLACIAL DECOY for the second season of Bloodlines, March 8 – 13, 2016.

Video by Blake Martin.
All footage filmed at DANY

BIG DADDY (DELUXE) (world premiere)
choreography and text: Stephen Petronio
music: Son Lux
costumes: H. Petal
lighting: Ken Tabachnick

choreography: Trisha Brown
set, costumes, and visual direction: Robert Rauschenberg
lighting: Beverly Emmons

choreography: Stephen Petronio
music: Wire
costumes: H. Petal
lighting: Ken Tabachnick

dancers: Davalois Fearon, Kyle Filley, Gino Grenek, Cori Kresge, Jaqlin Medlock, Tess Montoya, Nicholas Sciscione, Emily Stone, Joshua Tuason