Are You Lonesome Tonight

DANCERS: Nicholas Sciscione and Lloyd Knight
CO-DIRECTORS: Stephen Petronio and Blake Martin
EDITOR: Blake Martin
COLOR: Company 3
COLORIST: Parker Jarvie, Company 3
SENIOR PRODUCER: Gabriel Wakeman, Company 3
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Ashley McKim, Company 3
MUSIC: “Are You Lonesome Tonight” performed by Elvis Presley (BMG, 1960), composed by Lou Handman and Roy Turk and “In a Mirror” by Clams Casino

CO-PRODUCED BY Dancers Responding to Aids and Stephen Petronio Company

This work was made possible, in part, with support from Dancers Responding to Aids for the 2020 Fire Island Dance Festival virtual event.

Filmed on location at the Petronio Residency Center in Round Top, NY and Hudson Hall in Hudson, NY. Stephen Petronio Company and Dancers Responding to AIDS would like to thank Hudson Hall for generously allowing them to film on location. Special thanks to Tambra Dillon and Sage Carter at Hudson Hall.

On July 17, 2020, Stephen Petronio Company and Dancers Responding to Aids presented the world premiere of Are You Lonesome Tonight at the Virtual Fire Island Dance Festival, a charitable event. The piece was filmed at the Petronio Residency Center in Round Top, NY.

Fire Island Dance Festival, including this year’s virtual edition, has raised more than $6.9 million since the festival began in 1995. Through their support, Fire Island Dance Festival attendees have helped ensure that those living with HIV/AIDS, COVID-19 and other critical illnesses in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., receive lifesaving medications, nutritious meals, counseling and emergency financial assistance. The generosity also supports organizations working toward social justice and anti-racism.