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Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on our daily lives, our dreams and our essential ways of being social together. For some of us, the situation will be worse. The present health threat has had a significant impact on the overall finances of the Company.

The cancellation of our 2020 Benefit Gala, New York Season has had threatening impact on the finances of the company. Our Gala is our single most significant fundraising event of the year, while our performances at The Joyce are our biggest performances. The absence of these events this past Spring, along with a disappointing list of other cancelled touring engagements, both nationally and internationally, detrimentally impact our operating cashflow.

It’s difficult to ask for assistance at a time when so much else seems unknown, and worries about our means of survival collide with our worries about our personal and collective health. But our dancers and work must be cared for in this most precarious and uncertain moment. SPC will do our best to remain open to continue to bring you the highest level of dancing in our power. In the meantime, here is a link for our patrons only to enjoy some dancing in these dark times. I hope it helps, whatever your circumstance.

If you are able, please consider supporting the future of Stephen Petronio Company during this difficult time.

All of us at SPC wish you and your loved ones health, wellness, and some peace of mind at this unprecedented moment in history.